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Rectangular Air Fryer Baking Pan

Rectangular Air Fryer Baking Pan

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Introducing our Rectangular Air Fryer Baking Pan - a culinary game-changer that brings both efficiency and fun to your kitchen! Elevate your air frying experience with this versatile and professional-grade accessory, designed to make your cooking adventures more enjoyable.

Crafted from edible silicone, our Rectangular Air Fryer Baking Pan ensures a safe and reliable cooking experience. The vibrant color options – red, gray, black, brown, and blue – not only add a touch of style to your kitchen but also allow you to express your personality.

Measuring at a convenient 19.5*12.7*7cm/19.5*13.8*2.4cm, this baking pan is perfectly sized for your air fryer, providing ample space for your favorite dishes. The lightweight design, weighing just 150g, makes it easy to handle, ensuring a hassle-free cooking process.

Equipped with a double puller, our baking pan simplifies the cooking and cleaning process. The collapsible silicone design allows for easy storage, saving precious space in your kitchen. Say goodbye to the struggle of cleaning up – our baking pan is washable and easy to clean, making post-cooking chores a breeze.

With a remarkable heat-resistant temperature range of -40 ℃ to +230 ℃, this baking pan can handle a variety of culinary adventures. From baking to roasting, it's your go-to partner for creating delicious and healthy meals with ease.

Upgrade your air frying game with the Rectangular Air Fryer Baking Pan. Unleash your culinary creativity while enjoying the convenience and durability of this must-have kitchen accessory. Add it to your cooking arsenal and transform your meals into culinary masterpieces!

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