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Selfie Mini Ring Light

Selfie Mini Ring Light

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SELFIE LIGHT FOR YOUR PHONE - Shine in Your Selfies!

Customized Lighting: Bring your selfies to life with the amazing Selfie Light! Choose from three color settings (Low, Medium, and High) to capture your unique moments with more light and brightness.

🌈 Surprise Colors: Let the fun roll with randomly sent colors! Each selfie light is a colorful surprise waiting for you.

📱 Universal Compatibility: No matter which phone you have, our selfie light is compatible with ANY cell phone. It's time to light up your photos anywhere!

💡 Safe Lighting: With strong yet eye-friendly lighting, our selfie light is safe and easy to transport. Carry it in your pocket or any other compartment for perfect selfies anytime.

Technical Specifications:

  • 3 Color Settings: Low, Medium, and High
  • Color Rendering Index: ≥ 95%
  • Color Temperature: 6000k

Let Your Selfies Shine With the Selfie Light For Your Phone!

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